What is In a Nutshell?

The In a Nutshell video series promotes your expertise through knowledgeshare. This is called inbound, information or content marketing and it is one of the most effective methods to gain valuable exposure to potential customers.

Inbound marketing considers the new way that customers now seek suitable suppliers. The journey usually starts by searching Google to find answers to a problem or to research a solution. Either way at this stage the viewer is looking for advice rather than a supplier. This information needs to be credible, valuable and unbiased.

Inbound marketing
As video is such a powerful medium it is often chosen from the Google or YouTube search results as the preferred way to learn. And with mobile devices growing in popularity, this means that video is often chosen rather than reading text on a small screen. The In a Nutshell video opportunity places you as an expert in front of a large audience of potential customers.

The key benefits to becoming an In a Nutshell expert are:

  • Instant visibility on a trusted network
  • Included video SEO and established social media coverage
  • No need to start from scratch, we have an audience of over 15,000 viewers
  • Proven format that is cost effective and well received by the viewer
  • Avoid the pitfalls with professional help and support provided at every step of the process
  • High quality video production creates a lasting impression

To benefit from this continuously growing opportunity,  join the In a Nutshell experts using our professional studio service. This the easiest way to produce engaging videos that get results.

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