Wine as a corporate gift – In a nutshell

Published on 24th March 2014

Providing wine as a corporate gift, In a nutshell – expert advice from John O’Keeffe at Christopher Piper Wines Ltd.

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Providing wine as a ‘corporate gift’ was very popular before 2008 when, as we know, belts were tightened all round following the banking crisis. There are many people in the UK who love drinking good wine. The right bottle, carefully chosen, can generate valuable goodwill. Unwrapping a lovely bottle of wine is a treat and drinking it even more so!

The key is to know your customer as “time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.” Some of us do business in environments where alcohol may not be welcome. This means that blanketing an organisation with ‘plonk’ does not work.
Furthermore, the effects are not measurable and the gift is effectively wasted. It’s often better to link your gift as a ‘thank you’ when there is a specific act or service that should be rewarded.

Does your customer enjoy drinking wine or spirits. If so, they may have mentioned what colour, style or grape variety? The finishing line is in sight!
It’s not just about Christmas either as there are many occasions in people’s lives when a carefully chosen bottle of wine (or Champagne!) hits the spot.

Plan ahead to optimise pricing, availability of stock, packaging and the logistics of delivery. The delivery of wine (a liquid inside fragile glass!) can be fraught with problems with many couriers either not handling glass or only at prohibitive rates.
Use a specialist wine wholesaler or retailer who can recommend the best wine to match your needs. They can supply gift packaging with a range of designs. They will also have vans for local deliveries, often with a surprisingly wide range, and
existing arrangements with reliable couriers.

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