Utilising your LinkedIn connections – In a nutshell

Published on 10th October 2013

Top tips to utilise connections on LinkedIn – expert advice from Chris Wood at Q Social Media

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The number of people on LinkedIn in the last few years has quadrupled. LinkedIn now has over two hundred and twenty five million users, while social media is increasingly considered a key marketing, communications and resource tool for businesses.
Despite this, there are still many people on LinkedIn who are just collecting connections, unsure of what next to do. Here are six top tips to help you get more from using LinkedIn:

Update Your Personal Profile — make sure it stands out — nine times out of ten people are visiting this rather than company profile.Photo of you not logo, mention your job role, contact details, have a summary, with industry keywords allowing you to be found on LinkedIn and potentially in Google.

Post Status Updates — this is a good way of letting your connections know about the different activities, tasks and projects that you and your business are involved in It will help drive people to your personal profile!

Message Connections — this is just like emailing and LinkedIn can act as your second address book. Through messaging you can email connections without requiring their email addresses.

Request Recommendations — LinkedIn enables you to request testimonials from connections that you have already done work for. Allowing you to showcase the good work you do!
Join Discussion Groups — a great way to reach out to wider targeted audiences on LinkedIn as well as further engaging your existing connections.

Advanced People Searches — you can utilise existing connections to introduce you to shared connections – people you don’t know but that your connections do. Helping you to develop new connections.
This will give you new opportunities to:

Drive sales leads
Be seen as industry experts
Enhance business relationships online
Research your market
As well as Increasing your visibility in Google
We hope this information will be useful in helping you to get more out of LinkedIn and no longer just be a connection collector.

Chris Wood
Q Social Media
[email protected]
01823 674167


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