Team building – In a nutshell

Published on 2nd June 2014

Team building, In a nutshell – expert advice from Nick Agg-Manning at Outside Adventure Consultants.

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Why Team build? Team building comes down to Brand establishment and ownership of the Brand you work for. As in the Military, the ‘Cap Badge’ is almost more important than the Monach, so, in a business, the commitment you get and give your colleagues to ensure your brand can be perceived as more important than ‘the Chairman’

To work together is to work in harmony, is to understand where colleagues are better than you or are weaker than you; is to support the latter and encourage the former, without feeling that your own input is reduced or threatened.

Therefore, Team building can lead to genuine understanding of colleagues, and should mean that everyone has a full comprehension of their role, in making the Team work, the sum of the parts is the whole — make the parts work!

A Good Team Building Day can be as simple as going to see a Rugby match together; or it could be to actually get down to performing challenges throughout the day, changing roles and leaders; establishing a genuine bond between the participants and embracing a fellowship, that wants each other to succeed. Have fun together; communicate without email; build things; strategise….

Your Company can work like a well-managed and supportive football team, or it can be a series of individuals performing for themselves and meeting up in the Car Park — I know which one I would want to lead and inspire.

So — if you want to get the best out of your staff show them you care, give leadership and opportunity to work together for your , or should I say, THEIR Brand — then get out there and Team Build with a professional

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