Selecting wines for business events – In a nutshell

Published on 4th November 2013

Selecting wine for business events – expert advice from Yannick Loué at Le Vignoble

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Hi everybody, let me take you on a journey exploring how to select wine for a business event.

This could be a very tricky task when you look at the small picture, as you want to please everyone and make sure that your event is the one of the year.
I would say keep it simple but watch a few things.

If you are making an event with no formal sit down meal, then I would suggest you select some wines which have a moderate alcohol level to avoid guests from getting tipsy, which can sometimes be the case when there is no food.
Make sure you select a wine of each color white, rose and red. Keep it classic with grapes that everybody knows, and select wines with mid range flavours to please the majority of people.

Never select bottom range wines, as they are cheap for a reason, paying slightly more will give you better value and quality, and your guests will also avoid the head ache the next day.

If you have the task of selecting wines for a dinner party, make sure you are understand the food which will be served and also the time of the year.
Once again select a white, rose and red to match the food, but also consider the time of day, weather etc. Thinking about the big picture will avoid making the mistake of serving a high alcohol wine at lunch time, and a rich red when the weather is just too hot. Also select grape varieties that your guests will recognise.

Finally, if you are selecting wine for a special event or occasion and you want it to be 100% perfect, let the expert do it for you.

Yannick Loué
Le Vignoble
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