Preparing for a presentation and question and answer session – In a nutshell

Published on 15th November 2013

Preparing for the presentation and Q&A session – expert advice from Hugh Graham at The Bid Coach

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When you and your team need to prepare for an important presentation and question and answer session it’s crucial that you deliver a structured presentation confidently, professionally and passionately. Remember, your client can only assess your competence based on what they see. They are relying on you to convince them.

To win the confidence of your client you’ll have to communicate your key win themes with total clarity, highlighting tangible benefits that your prospective client understands, confirming to them why they should trust you.
How do you do this? By focusing on three key elements of the process:
First, have a structured approach for identifying and expressing the key messages that your client needs to hear. This includes focusing on the structure, content and delivery of the presentation materials. It also means thorough preparation so you’re ready for any question the client might throw at you.

Second, give your client the chance to appreciate the specific subject expertise of each team member. Each person in the team needs to develop their individual presenting style — one that feels comfortable and natural – so they can all play a full part in building your client’s confidence.
Third, your team has to work together as one effective unit – giving your prospective client confidence that this unity and team effort is what they will get when they engage you to deliver the project.

In other words, develop your individuals into a team. One that will build rapport, credibility and trust with your prospective client.
So in summary, aim to have a team that will confidently, professionally and memorably communicate your business solutions. A team which answers the client’s questions accurately, concisely and confidently. And a team which gives the client the confidence to trust your firm with their important project.

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