Outsourcing management training – In a nutshell

Published on 12th September 2013

Outsourcing your management training – expert advice from Shaun Durham at Crisp Professional Development

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We’ve all learned by setting next to Nellie. This is the process whereby staff are trained in the skills required to do a job by a more experienced team member. They observe, take notes and then ‘do’, while ‘Nellie’ keeps a careful watch on progress. This technique came to the fore on the production lines and still has merit, especially when in-depth, company-specific technical skills need to be imparted.

But there is a limit to its usefulness. Organisations need to refresh themselves; to broaden their thinking and bring in new ideas. And for general training themes such as management — where many of the skills are transferable across sectors and geographic boundaries — most companies aside from the very large (which will have their own ‘universities or academies), outsource this training to a specialist provider.

What do we mean by outsourcing?

Depending on the size of the training budget and the organisational needs, it can be anything from sending delegates on an open course, to buying in a trainer for a few days of workshops, or externalising your training department, where the supplier not only delivers the training, but looks after the logistics and record keeping. In short, they manage the whole experience.

This is often a more flexible and cost efficient method of delivering training than retaining a dedicated internal resource.

So, how can companies get the most out of working with a specialist training provider?
Well, be clear in your objectives and realistic in what can be achieved. What’s the likely ROI and how will this be measured? Skills based training can accomplished in a number of days, but behavioural change takes longer.
Always check the competency and background of the trainers.

Has the suppler worked in your sector? Have they managed contracts of a similar size to yours?
And crucially, are they the right cultural fit for your business? Because it’s at this deeper, emotional level where the most effective development takes place.

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Crisp Professional Development
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