Making your business learning disability friendly – In a nutshell

Published on 8th July 2014

Making your business learning disability friendly, In a nutshell – expert advice from Alex Roland at Your IT now.

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Here’s my advice on how, with a few changes, you can make your business, learning disability friendly .
Never make assumptions about people’s abilities, if in doubt, just discretely ask.
People with learning disabilities, may need a little extra time to understand.
Try and speak clearly, whilst looking at the person.
If you are speaking directly to a person who uses a wheelchair, stand a few feet away, so the person does not have to lift their head, to look at you.
Remember, people may have learning disabilities but may not necessary be deaf, so don’t raise your voice.
Some people with learning disabilities, find reading peoples faces difficult, and may take what you say very literally.
Try and make forms and letters, in an “easy read” format. Good accessible information, helps all of us make decisions, be involved in society, and lead independent lives.
Sometimes, double spacing words can help. When invoicing, make the wording very clear, avoid confusing figures and charts, stick to what is absolutely necessary.

Try and keep “jargon” to a minimum, remember phrases like “stakeholders”, and “blue sky thinking”, mean nothing, if you are not in the know.
Try and make sure there is a chair, or somewhere to sit.
If possible, try to use photo symbols to help explain things, these can aid written communication.
Consider producing a simple leaflet using photos.
If the person you are talking to seems to have difficulty understanding, ask if it would help, to have the information written down, in an easy to understand form.
Some people with learning disabilities, can find crowds and noise challenging, is there there a quieter area they could go?

People with learning disabilities can be hugely beneficial to any business, whether as customers or staff.
Lets help, to make this happen.

Alex Roland
Your IT now


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