Making expert video guides – In a nutshell

Published on 13th April 2016

Making expert video guides – In a nutshell, expert advice from Alex Wren

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Short expert videos are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and experience to prospective clients.
This type of video offers a unique opportunity to be discovered whilst your prospect is learning & information gathering, giving you a head start over your competitors.

Choosing your topic is going to be the first important decision.
It should be broad enough that it appeals to a wide audience, yet niche enough to attract interest.

Ideally you want to find out what is already being searched for.
Consider searching likely topics on Google or YouTube, looking at the autocomplete options below the search box, or for more advanced options you can use dedicated search analysis tools.
Another consideration is questions you are asked by your clients during the sales process, these could be barriers that stop others from contacting you.

Next you will need a script – preferably something short that you can easily read.
Avoid the temptation to over intellectualise, as this can easily trip you up, instead write what you would normally say, reading each sentence out loud as you go.
It is essential to feel comfortable with your script, in fact you should love your script, why? because if you don’t like reading it, then its highly unlikely the viewer will enjoy watching it.

And now we come to the most important part, the thing that nobody does enough of – and that is practising.
I would highly recommend that you read your script out loud, at least ten to twenty times.
Whilst you practise, you can make script changes, and you can improve your delivery, but the biggest benefit is that you start to memorise it.
This means that you stop concentrating on reading and start connecting with the viewer.

Now the most important thing to do, is to go and make your expert videos – I guarantee there is an audience waiting to watch them.

Alex Wren
Bitpod Ltd
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