Is social media good or bad? In a nutshell

Published on 5th September 2013

Is social media good or bad? – expert advice from Ann Holman at Our Think Lab Ltd

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Is social media good or bad, well the answer is yes isn’t it, seriously, like anything there is the good the bad and the damn right gruesome. We’re still in chaos not sure of the consequences of our actions in social media, yet we carry on like toddlers trying to get attention brands and individuals alike have seen this pathetic need to be seen.

Perhaps i am being too harsh, the bad just seems so prevalent these days. We are in danger of creating a whole raft of useless platforms and mindless stuff that churns out widgets that don’t deal with real peoples needs, but brands have always been narcissistic now we have people being so to. Lots of celebrities (us) who don’t know how to manage our personal brands. Self promotion rather than self expression, broadcasting on channels that are actually about deep engagement however the next 3 years will get a lot more positive.

We’ll see us getting a lot more intelligent social media is disrupting old systems and new patterns of connections are emerging. The old way saw the customer at the end of process now you see them at the beginning and in the middle of that same process. Social media when used to it’s maximum effect will do mostly meaningful stuff. Save lives rather than posting selfies, connecting people and discovering common ground to help solve problems and facilitate collective creativity. Exposing that collective intelligence that we’ve always had that results in collective action.

This is the time to look forward to when we can redirect our efforts away from posting what we had for breakfast or drunken images of last night, to co-creating and collaborating. Using the connections, fans and followers we have accumulated on social media platforms. It’s about solving real problems in society and in business. Thats when it gets really special.

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