Is print still crucial for marketing? In a nutshell

Published on 20th September 2013

Is print still crucial for marketing? – expert advice from Richard Frayne at Quick Print

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As a printer of course I’m going to say yes, absolutely.
But to prove my point let’s answer this from a consumers point of view.

Should I promote my business online with Google ad’s, Social media and email marketing?
Or, do I use the tried and tested method of marketing — print?
The answer is, all of the above and more — you do whatever works for your business to give you additional revenue and best return on investment.

So, can print and email marketing co-exist and more importantly be beneficial to each other?
The introduction of cross media has seen marketing campaigns target business from all angles.

In today’s world of technology, we all want information at our finger tips, hence the rise of e shots and smart phones for web browsing.

Businesses are often keen to follow the latest trends to market their business and are forgetting about a medium that has been a success for over 2000 years. The power of print should never be underestimated and must be utilised within your marketing campaign.
The arrival of QR codes have seen advertising campaigns benefit print by directing the consumer to a product with no distraction. Print can not only add value to your business but increase traffic to those other marketing media’s.

Emails so often fall victim to the spam filter and get disregarded as trash if they don’t instantly grab the viewer’s attention.

Print coupled with good design is Powerful.

Surveys have shown that 80% of advertising mail received does get read in the home, so having captured the attention let good design do the talking for you.

Modern digital printing methods allow variable data commonly used for email marketing to come to life, messages promoting your service or product can be personalised to offer taylor made targeted print solutions.

Print can build your brand and influence decision makers. Try to be creative with it and don’t ignore the power of Print.

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Quick Print
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