Increasing your profile at work – In a nutshell

Published on 19th July 2016

Increasing your profile at work – In a nutshell, expert advice from Dawn Sowerby – The Coach

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Strengthening your reputation and increasing your profile is quite straight-forward, right? Just deliver on your targets and good things will happen.
Weelll, we all know that life isn’t quite as simple as that and good work can often go unnoticed. In the same way that a property investment will deliver a return in the long run, consistent delivery of key tasks will also pay back…….in the long run
But you haven’t got that time. You have aspirations and ambition. You have your eye on the next role and need to make an impact – NOW
Here are some tips for the top on how to do that
Firstly, visibility is about being seen. Ensure that you get out of your chair and work your connections. Develop a network outside of your own team and actively seek opportunities to collaborate on projects with other teams. You will get noticed.
Secondly, visibility is about being heard. Make sure that you contribute at meetings. Demonstrate that you understand the issues and have thought about how to move things along or improve them in some way. Ideally, get an item put on the agenda yourself and plan how you will lead the discussion. You will get noticed.
Finally, visibility is about being known. Share your aspirations with your boss. He or she will be able to bear them in mind when hearing of opportunities for project work or other openings. Offer to lead a piece of work that will involve working across team boundaries and take you to parts of the organisation you aren’t normally seen in. Consider asking someone for whom you have a high regard to mentor you. People are generally flattered when approached and are pleased to help in this way.

You will get noticed.
Be seen, be heard, be known
Go for it and good luck

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The Coach…
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