How to write news articles – In a nutshell

Published on 4th October 2013

How to write a news article – expert advice from Richard Hussey at RSH Copywriting

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Hello, today I want to talk to you about writing better news articles, blogs and press releases:

I want you to remember three basic principles:
Be relevant, Write powerful headlines, Be original

What do I mean by relevance?
Get attention by building your articles around the interests, ambitions and challenges of your target audience. And always ask one basic question: ‘why would anybody read this?’. Think too about the business results you want to achieve – how does each article help you get there?

As David Ogilvy said: ‘when you’ve written your headline you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar’ that should tell you just how important they are. If you find good headlines hard to write, be pleased with yourself — it shows that you understand just how important they are.
Your headline has one purpose — to grab the attention of the specific people you really want to read your content.
It has to tell them: ‘this article is for you’, ‘you’re going to discover something of value’. And ‘this will be a productive use of your time’. See now why headlines are more than just an afterthought?

And finally, be original.
If all your articles offer is the same information that people can see elsewhere, why would they want to read more of your content? What’s your unique point of view?
Understand your target audience, and interpret the news in a way that’s relevant to them.
Yes, it’s a bit more work, but that’s what will bring them back to your content time and again.

So remember those three basic principles :
Be relevant, Write powerful headlines, Be original
You should then get a better return on the time you invest in your articles.

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RSH Copywriting
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