How to grow your business with LinkedIn – In a nutshell

Published on 25th April 2014

How to grow your business with linkedin, In a nutshell – expert advice from Sarah Hughes at Linked4Success.

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If you market to other businesses, you know how expensive, difficult and complex it can be to reach exactly who you want.

It costs a fortune to advertise, lists from brokers are often stale and it’s a nightmare getting through corporate gatekeepers if you’re attempting to cold call.
The good news is you don’t need to experience these problems anymore, thanks to LinkedIn.

The world’s number one social media platform for professionals, here are just three reasons why switched-on marketing and sales professionals love LinkedIn.
LinkedIn enables you to connect and engage instantly with pretty much any professional and It provides the world’s best accurate, fresh and free database
And because you can break the ice via LinkedIn you never need cold call again.
The key to successfully leveraging LinkedIn is to have a plan.

Here are four questions to consider:
LinkedIn’s advanced people search provides 12 filters to pinpoint your prospects with laser precision — how clearly can you describe your prospect, for example, job title, sector, company size, location and keywords?
What are the messages you want to broadcast and how will you create engagement?
What value can you bring to your connections and how will you incentivise someone to connect with you?

Can you summarise in five words or less the benefit of working with you or buying from you?

Some other facts on why it’s worth improving and applying your LinkedIn knowledge…
There are more decision makers on LinkedIn than Twitter
It’s two hundred and seventy seven percent more effective for lead generation than Facebook and includes executives with the greatest buying power
It pinpoints prospects within 10 miles of your doorstep.
The reality? LinkedIn’s a living breathing lead-generating machine. But only when you have a plan and know how to effectively navigate it.

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