How to get the best out of your team – In a nutshell

Published on 30th August 2013

How to get the best out of your team – expert advice from Phil Sampson at Sampson Hall

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Right I’m going to cover this in four sections the first one is your personal leadership.

Firstly you must always lead by example do what you expect others to do.

The second bit is vision, have a clear idea of where you want to go and why.

The third thing you must set boundaries and expectations so everyone understands where those boundaries are and where they are expected to go you must reward people intrinsically and therefor understand what they want and why they want it.

The second part is direction, you got to involve the team in planning so that they can take a bit of ownership but you also got to delegate the responsibility and authority and empower people to fulfil what you want them to do, you must listen to everyone there nothing worse then not being listened too and you must set checks and controls early so that no one feels there being checked up on unnecessarily.

The third stage is feedback, feedback to the team must be timely it must be positive whether possible and you must use their emotions non emotionally so that you can actually draw on their emotions and they can actually improve as a result of those emotions but feedback must be given privately and at the right time, there’s nothing worse then receiving feedback in front of everyone.

The last bit is the team, you have got to agree the rules of behaviour for the team so that everyone understands them, you got to give people jobs that they like doing, there’s nothing worse then doing something you dislike, you wont do it well.

You’ve also got to work and play together so you get to know each other better and respect the diversity in the team , just because people are different doesn’t mean that anyone is wrong and finally be fair and equitable in how you treat everyone.

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