How to get the best out of your solicitor – In a nutshell

Published on 1st May 2014

How to get the best out of your solicitor, In a nutshell – expert advice from Robert Shaw at Cartridges Solicitors.

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What to ask your solicitor.

– The Golden Rule.
The solicitor and client relationship should be one of equality, respect and mutual benefit.
A solicitor knows how to resolve your problems, but remember you hold the purse strings.

You should only be prepared to instruct the best solicitor.
Don?t be daunted or overrawed.
– Planning.
The hardest question of all. What do you want a solicitor to do for you?

Get all your documents together in a date ordered bundle.
Prepare a 2 column resume of the main issues.
In the first column put your bullet points.
In the second column write your solicitors advice.
Refer to the documents in the resume.

– What to Ask about Costs.
Will I be charged for an initial consultation?
Do you offer a fixed fee and what is not covered.

Remember to ask what is not covered rather than what is covered because any failure by your solicitor to mention a topic, will mean the issues will be part of the fixed fee.

If you charge an hourly rate how much will my final bill be?
Can I get help with the cost of my legal service?
Does my solicitor offer no win no fee agreements? or contingency fee agreements?

– Making a Commercial Decision.
Realistically how much is my case worth financially?
How much will it cost to win?
How long will it take to finish my case ? weeks, months or maybe even years?
What happens if I lose?

– Know your Solicitor.
Is my solicitor an expert. Has he handled my sort of problems before?
Is my solicitor friendly and sympathetic. Do I have a rapport with him.
Is my solicitor efficient and business like. Will he respond to my calls and letters promptly.

– The tricky stuff?
Suppose I want to change solicitors.
Will my work be delegated to a junior or unqualified employee.
Will my solicitor allow me time to pay my bills.
How do I complain.

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