How to forge business alliances – In a nutshell

Published on 11th May 2016

Forging business alliances – In a nutshell, expert advice by Oliver Dax from Monkey’s Paw Consultancy

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In business today, we share information rather than withhold it. We put people together without expectation of reward. We are open to opportunities that benefit our allies. Call it ‘Business Karma’.

But business relationships do not come pre-assembled. They are flat-packs. They require some assembly. You have to build them yourself.

Forging strong alliances can be easy, lucrative and they require a marketing budget of big fat zero.

My business partners fit the following criteria:

I rate them. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
I like and respect them.
They are people who feel the same about me.
There is no conflict of interest in the work we do and the businesses will actually compliment each other and dovetail seamlessly.
They understand that ALL parties benefit from this relationship.
It’s all about Expansion, Trust, Communication or ‘Ex-T-C’

So what do I mean by that?

Well, whenever you are in conversation with a prospect, you are now not only listening for opportunities for your own business, but for your partner’s too.

Just by listening to the wider conversation, it is easy to pick up great leads for your partner. In short you have ‘expanded’ your auditory field. And guess what, the good news is your alliances are doing exactly the same for you.

Businesses evolve all the time. Your Partner’s business may have launched a new product or may have discontinued an old service. A regular catch up will allow you to discuss new opportunities and widen your network by introducing new people who benefit from and add value to your team. Leads beget leads. It’s habit forming.

Creating a habit of feeding alliances so that they feed you back is an excellent way to generate high return, zero cost business.

Oliver Dax
Managing Director
Monkey’s Paw Consultancy
[email protected]
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