How to be healthy sitting at your desk

Published on 13th June 2016

How to be healthy sitting at your desk, expert advice from Adrian Walker of St Thomas Stationers

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Did you know? Prolonged sitting raises the risks of fatal heart problems by 64% and is strongly believed to slow the metabolism affecting your ability to regulate blood sugar and pressure and break down body fat. This is just the tip of the iceberg of health issues caused by sitting during our working day. Shocking isn’t it!

We are not designed to sit down especially for prolonged periods. To keep fit, healthy and productive it is essential to move regularly throughout the day, ideally about every 40 minutes.
OK so sitting for too long is a big problem but what can we do about it in the office? There are three simple ways to reduce the damage done by prolonged sitting at work.

Number one : Stand up and move around.
Number two : When sitting down don’t sit still.
Number three : Ensure our normal working position encourages a neutral posture.

The advantages of getting this right are huge and in addition to benefiting our general health we can improve productivity and reduce the costs of absenteeism.

There are several things that can help. Sit/Stand desks encourage people to stand for periods of the day rather than sitting and allow for a gradual change to working practice. It would be very difficult to suddenly start standing up all day at work when you have been used to sitting down. To encourage neutral posture workstation assessments are essential. These small changes have a big impact and don’t cost as much as you may think!

Of course like all things we have to embrace the need to change and can help achieve this by spreading the word about sedentary behaviour and the damage that sitting does to our body. A great source of information can be found on the campaign website
And remember :- Don’t sit if you can stand, don’t stand if you can walk and the best posture is the next posture. 

Adrian Walker
St Thomas Stationers
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