How to be authentic in your business – In a nutshell

Published on 26th February 2014

Being authentic in your business, In a nutshell – expert advice from Paul Elliot Smith at Word Gets Around.

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In recent times there have been significant changes in how business is carried out, and how relationships are forged.

Social media has made the world more transparent, giving the consumer more ‘power’ and ‘control’ over the information they receive, and how they are choosing to use it.
You can add real value to your business by focusing on how you package your content, how shareable it is, and how people connect with you.
Your brand proposition is still important, but people now want the promise, plus the proof.

Many large companies have publicly fallen foul for not delivering on this. It is important to under promise & over deliver, to wow your customers and exceed their expectations.

With this in mind it is imperative that you invest time in fine tuning your website and social media profiles.

Traditional cold marketing methods are giving way to warm inbound marketing.
‘People buy from people’ we often hear. Well, it’s true. If you are self employed then you probably are ‘the brand’.

Be true to yourself and dare to be different to reflect who you are.
The ‘about us’ or ‘meet the team’ or ‘blog’ webpages become more important to convey your brand personality, background, passions, expertise and views, highlighting the real people that drive your business.

Remember that prospective employers and clients have more channels to research you with, and make decisions, without you even knowing.

Finally, get out there. Don’t just exist online. Meet people in person offline through business networking groups, and carry on the conversation online. You will find that this mix will accelerate any business relationship.

By being authentic people will come to you. Investing in people creates relationships nurtured by building rapport, which in turn creates advocates, credibility, key contacts in your industry and solid relationships based on trust.

Paul Elliot Smith
Word Gets Around
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