How enterprise programmes could benefit your business – In a nutshell

Published on 27th April 2016

How enterprise programmes could benefit your business – In a nutshell, expert advice from Marian Weston

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Enterprise education is a joint enterprise between educational establishments and businesses.

It is the provision of learning opportunities which help students develop the attitude, knowledge and skills of the entrepreneur.

The enterprising individual both initiates and thrives on change.

Enterprise programmes make business relevant to the daily lives of young people.

Research has shown that enterprise education delivers real measurable results for students.

Research also shows that forty two percent of young people who go through an enterprise programme start a business by the age of thirty, compared to twenty six percent of those who do not.

Through enterprise education they gain vital practical skills such as: communication, financial capability, initiative, problem-solving and resilience.
Teachers benefit too, through improved awareness of careers option and pathways, such as apprenticeships, vocational qualifications, and academic routes.

The benefits for businesses is that by sharing their skills and expertise with students, they are helping shape the future workforce, while inspiring and motivating employees’ professional development.

A culture of enterprise cannot be embedded overnight.
Even the most successful ‘enterprising’ schools typically began with just one or two subject areas.
This involves teachers who are most interested in enterprise education.
More enterprise has then been introduced into these subject areas, based on what has worked well.
This organic approach takes time, a year or more, but leads to a culture of enterprise, rather than just a one-off ‘initiative’.

We must commit to quality enterprise education in schools, colleges and universities because this will nurture, develop and release the untapped potential of the twelve million young people in our education system each year and help address the skills gap both locally and nationally.

Marian Weston
Young Enterprise UK

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