Growing your business from local to regional – In a nutshell

Published on 17th January 2014

Growing a business from local to regional, In a nutshell – expert advice from Jay Milling at The Daily (UK) Ltd.

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If you’re considering growing your business from local to regional, or regional to national, or eventually from national to global the starting point is the same, you need to be a BEAST.

Believe- You need to believe in your very core that what you make or do is the absolute best in the field. Be proud of your accomplishments. You are here because you earned the right to be. Now go tell the world! Be proud without being arrogant & celebrate your success without being complacent.

Energetic — The basic rule of thumb is “double your sites, treble your issues!” You need to be energetic enough to attack issues as they arise and deal with problems directly. The more locations you have the more important it is to be organised and confident in how you handle challenges. Above all you cannot procrastinate, deal with it and move on!

Anticipation — Expect the unexpected! Engineer potential problems out before they arise by listing everything that could go wrong and then develop your strategy to remove them before they occur. Anticipate the best, but plan for the worst or in other words Train Hard & Fight Easy
Sympathetic – Appreciate that you will be perceived as not understanding what makes the new area special. Emphasise your own USP but don’t fall into the trap of assuming that customers will love your product just because they did in your original area.

Trust – You need to have people in the area that you trust and who will look after your interests. With trust you also need to delegate as you won’t always be able to get on site quickly to sort out problems.
Growing your business geographically can be hugely rewarding but it takes forethought, dedication and the desire to be a beast!

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