Getting the customer experience right – In a nutshell

Published on 9th December 2015

Getting the customer experience right – In a nutshell, expert advice from Mark Leveridge

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Are you DIM when it comes to running your business? By this I mean are you D-I-M, Different, Interesting, Memorable? In today’s competitive marketplace anything that you can do to accentuate why you are different to your competitors is worth pursuing, and in my view simply being efficient in your job and in your interactions with your customers is possibly not enough to create that differentiation.

For instance, if you run a mail order company how personal is your contact with your customers? Unlike bricks and mortar shops, you don’t get any face to face contact with your clientele. So, instead, do they get a personal compliment slip in with their order or is it a pre-printed catch all one?

Do you contact your database only when you want to sell them something, or do you send them emails or printed newsletters by post that seek to interest, educate and maybe even entertain WITHOUT resorting to constant selling?

Imagine the impact it would have on your customers if they received a short personal video in which you or a sales person showed them what they had just ordered and enthused about it while confirming that it was going to be in the post that very day. Yes, it might take a bit of time, and require some careful planning and thinking about, but how many of your competitors would bother to go to that much trouble?

Customers have so many choices for where to spend their money, if you’re not DIM – different, interesting, and memorable, why should they think of you first? So many businesses do the easy thing – they set up auto responder email systems which bombard their customers with an endless flood of information, most of which will end up in the Junk folder of the recipients. But genuine personalized contact – now that is much rarer, and if you can be DIM, you will stand out from all the noise that others create. So whatever business you are involved in try and think ‘personal’ – it’s all part of getting the customer experience right.

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