Effective telesales techniques – In a nutshell

Published on 19th April 2016

Effective Telesales Techniques – In a nutshell, expert advice from Richard Palmer

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The most important part of making effective telesales calls is to set yourself realistic goals for every call you make. To go into a cold call, where you have no relationship and no information about the prospect, expecting to sell your product or service, can be unrealistic. This creates too much pressure, causing you to sell too hard and put the prospect off.

You might start with a goal of simply trying to find out enough information to be able to present a coherent argument to your prospect on the next call for instance. Always be prepared to go the whole way to a sale, but don’t go into the call always expecting to do so.

Building a relationship with the gatekeeper can be an effective way of gaining information and access to your prospect decision maker. Do not ignore this person or try to do battle with them to achieve access, but use them as an influencer, giving them positive reasons to put you through.

Once you have gained access to the right person, the next step is NOT to throw all of your products, features and benefits at them as soon as you start talking. Give the prospect a brief overview of what you do and why your customers buy from you. Then start asking good quality, open questions. Draw information out of your prospect, which will enable you to position your products or service alongside their needs. This leads to much more interest from your prospect and gives them good reason to spend more time talking to you and agreeing to your desired outcome.

Finally, always agree the next steps with your prospect. If it’s a sale, then agree the terms of the sale and delivery. If its to follow up at a future date, always agree that date and time. This helps to improve your chances of accessing them again and progressing your relationship and sales opportunity.

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