Driving business growth with consultant support – In a nutshell

Published on 23rd August 2016

Driving business growth with consultant support – In a nutshell. Great advice from Chris Lorimer from South West Growth Service

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Driving business growth with Consultant support –- in a nutshell

It really is “”lonely at the top”” when you’’re running an expanding business–
– everyone has diverse and demanding requirements, expecting you to have all the answers.

In this situation you are heavily constrained by your most precious resource – –time.

Engaging a business consultant can be one of the best ways to give yourself additional capacity and help drive the business’s growth.

Business consultants can help bring additional expertise in areas where your business needs a boost – whether it’s defining the strategy, sales and marketing, operational improvement, or funding your growth.
They will be able to offer a valuable alternative perspective and a good one will help you think strategically –- moving you away from the detail of the day to day –- and, ideally, holding you accountable for achieving long term goals.

Although rapport with your consultant is important, you will gain more from one that provides honest feedback than one that just makes you feel good.

Using external expertise to objectively assess new opportunities can be a great way to identify the critical path to success –- it could also help you avoid some expensive mistakes.

Ideally use their skills across the business –- providing coaching and training, increasing staff skill levels, motivation and, critically, impact.

So before you engage a consultant, interview them carefully and assess what they can do for you.

Don’’t be afraid to hire someone without your business sector experience -– a broader knowledge across multiple industries will be more helpful in achieving a jump start against your competition.
Also consider what contacts they might have – –their network should become yours.

Finally, although you may have initially engaged a consultant for a short term project, it is not uncommon for the most valued input to evolve into interim management or non executive support, potentially being a catalyst for exceptional business performance.

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