Dealing with a social media crisis – In a nutshell

Published on 28th April 2016

Dealing with a social media crisis – In a nutshell, expert advice by Dan Pritchard from Astley Media

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If I told you a quarter of the value of your business could be wiped out in minutes, would you be worried?

We insure our companies, look after our employees, and put up our firewalls – yet, in the most public of arenas, social media, too many sit on the sidelines and remain naive about what to do when things go wrong.

A recent report published in the Telegraph warns that more than a quarter of the value of small and medium-sized businesses is tied to their reputation. I think it’s more.

When you are attacked – it’’s not nice and it doesn’t feel fair. Tough – that’s the world we live in.

Social media is fast – it’’s not policed and not well regulated.

So what are you going to do about it?

This is what you have to do: prepare, prepare, prepare.

Here are my five tips in a nutshell for dealing with a social media crisis.
Tip one – identify your top ten business risks. Know them inside out.
Tip two: write a simple plan.
Include short holding statements for your website and social channels based on your risks. Be clear on how you escalate issues, who signs things off, what you do out of hours – social media doesn’t stop for the weekend.
Practising the plan helps too.
Tip Three: Monitor. Social media is fast and you need to know what people are saying about your brand. It’s the only way you can quickly and effectively respond.
Tip Four: Act fast but don’t panic. When you’re under attack, it’s easy to feel powerless.
Take control. Use your plan. Understand the situation. Make decisions based on what you know – then respond.
And finally, tip Five: Be real – communicate with honesty. Don’t abandon your values. Don’t get personal and don’t be defensive.
A negative issue, incident or full-blown crisis badly handled can be a tombstone dragging your business down for a long, long time. Taking these simple steps will ensure that you’re ready for when that crisis hits.
Thanks for listening.

Dan Pritchard
Astley Media
[email protected]
01392 267394


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