Bonded broadband – In a nutshell

Published on 4th October 2013

Bonded broadband – expert advice from Jim Taylor at Cobalt Communications

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We all know that when fibre optic broadband arrives in our business, it is going to have a revolutionary effect.

We are going to be able to do an awful lot more an awful lot faster.
Having said that, we also know that by the end of twenty fourteen, there are going to be as many as forty percent of businesses in the uk, who still won’t have access to the service.

What we need to do is think of a way of bridging that gap.
Currently the best way to bridge that gap is to consider bonded broadband.

Bonded broadband is quick and easy to install.
It is available anywhere in the uk, where you can get a standard broadband connection. And it provides speeds that are four times faster than your existing connection.

It also provides a great deal of resilience to a business due to the simple fact that if one connection fails it falls back to the remaining connections.
You may lose a percent of your speed for a short time but it does mean that your business continues to operate.

So how best to consider choosing a supplier?
You need to look for a supplier who is able to configure the system for you and deliver it to site.
A supplier who can connect it to your computer network, and makes sure it works in a reliable fashion.
The supplier should also monitor the connection and make sure your business is making the most out of it.

Consider how bonded broadband can help your business fill the gap until fibre broadband arrives.

Jim Taylor
Cobalt Communications
[email protected]
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