The process

Participating in the In a Nutshell video series is simple, the following process outlines the five steps an expert takes from the initial booking to final video.

steps3_Artboard 3-03_Artboard 3-03

steps2-01-01-02Step 1 – Select your studio date

To reserve your studio slot you will need to choose a date and time to record your video. This can be done online using our booking system. Two hours slots are available to reserve in the calendar as well as a selection of additional enhancements. Payment is taken at this stage using either a credit card or Paypal account.

steps-blue-02-02Step 2 – Choose your topic

Once you are booked into the studio we will contact you to discuss your video topic and answer any questions you may have. We will provide guidance, help you with your ideas and assist with testing any topics to ensure maximum exposure of your video.

steps-light-blue-02-02Step 3 – Write your script

As an expert in your field writing the script shouldn’t be too taxing as it is similar to writing a blog post or presenting at a seminar. Each script needs to be 300 words or less and needs to be non promotional and of value to the viewer. We have lots of online help and are available for your questions if needed.

steps-orange-02-02Step 4 – Record your video

This takes place in our Exeter studio within a two hour session. The studio contains the latest LED lighting, sound equipment and a professional camera with teleprompter. We will help you with every step of rehearsing, performing and perfecting your two minute video presentation. Final playback selection takes place on a 40″ screen before editing begins.

steps-grey-02Step 5 – Editing, upload to YouTube and distribution

The final stage sees your video professionally edited to include your logo, the In a nutshell title sequence and the final contact details screen. The audio will be treated to maximise the quality before the video is exported checked and uploaded to YouTube. Once online video SEO will be performed before the video is shared with the distribution network.

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