We are always thrilled with the positive feedback we receive from our contributors, particularly those who arrive feeling a little anxious. It’s great to hear that you have all leave the Bitpod studio feeling so upbeat!

‘The whole idea behind ‘In a Nutshell’ is an excellent one and deserves to be supported and promoted. I would recommend Bitpod wherever I go. I will become a massive bore on the subject’
Oliver Dax, Monkey’s Paw Consultancy.
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‘I found the whole process from start to finish very professional and supportive. Sally gave me brilliant feedback and support when I was compiling my script. Alex and Sally were brilliant on the day of recording and really spent time explaining the process, they were unhurried and very encouraging. I was extremely impressed and very pleased with the result’
Marian Weston, Young Enterprise UK
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‘Really fun and easy to do. Please make sure you stress your personal involvement before filming, having the time to practice with you beforehand off camera made the whole experience much less daunting and you gave some great advice. Thanks Sally for all your help’,
Rachael Holden, Devon County Council
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“As our intended presenter, Mary-Jane Campbell was unable to do the video at short notice, I was happy to step in and present. I found the filming session very professional and relaxed and was pleased to complete the exercise fully on second take. Thanks. ” 
John Coombs, Simpkin Edwards
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“Thank you, a really positive experience and i will certainly consider how to use the clip as i embark on updating our website and then going forwards with social media.
I would happily refer contacts to your business and i have already emailed some that immediately spring to mind.”

Colette Dinnes, Phillips Dinnes Accountants
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“What a wonderful time I had – thank you! Sally, your workflow is excellent – very seamless. I found it exceptional. The workflow and professional way that you do things is in itself half the offering.

The only negative is that my shirt has a big fold down the front that I could’ve got rid of! lol!”
Scott Gould, Connectional
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