Preparing for your video

practice-07When you are happy with your script then it is time to start practising outloud as much as you can. Reading in your head or ‘mouthing’ the words is not good practise as you will not be testing it properly. Instead imagine you are presenting to an audience, using a printed script read with expression and use natural body language practising the emphasis and inflections until they are just right. This may sound a little odd especially to anyone nearby, but stick with it as it makes a real difference.

Recording your practises can be useful and if you don’t mind watching yourself back you will be full of great advice for yourself! Just be kind.

We absolutely want you to have the best video which you are proud of and most importantly one that demonstrates your expertise to potential clients. Unlike a seminar, your video will go on networking and educating prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it makes sense to make it your best presentation.

Our three top tips are:

  1. Practise
  2. Practise
  3. Practise

Frequently asked questions about preparing for your video

What should I wear?
You can generally wear what you want with just a few practical limitations. Most people choose to wear a shirt/blouse with or without a jacket but more casual clothing is sometimes more appropriate. Stripes, checkered patterns, bright whites and fluorescent colours should be avoided as these can create technical visual problems. Larger shiny jewelry (mainly earrings and necklaces) can reflect light and be noticeable.
How much should I practice?

There is no such thing as too much! Reading your script out loud is essential when fine tuning it and of course when you practise presenting it. People who are familiar with their script usually have more time on the day to work on inflection, body language and other improvements that can make all the difference. As a rough guide we would suggest at least ten to twenty practise sessions, some of these on same day as filming.

What if I simply can’t present and decide to give up?

This is extremely unusual and not something we have experienced to date. The process we have provides lots of guides and information to help you practise and fine tune your script. This means that you will already have a very good idea how well its going to turn out before the day of the shoot. If you really don’t want to continue then we obviously won’t force you. As we will already have started your project and reserved time to shoot and edit your video we are unfortunately unable to offer a refund. We have a great success rate at working with people who are new to making videos and have lots of tips, patience and encouragement.

Can I substitute someone in place of me?

Yes you can. Please let us know their details as soon as possible and be sure to pass on all information you have been sent especially about the concept of In a Nutshell. We would advise against last minute person changes as this is likely to lead to scripts that don’t match the performer and a lack of rehearsal that could result in a lower quality video production.

Can I bring others with me to the studio?

Yes you can.  We have limited space so would only suggest two additional people at the most. We generally find that most people prefer to come on their own and work one to one to achieve the best outcome. Although it might seem like a good idea to have some support, often this can be a distraction and there may be limited help they can provide in this scenario.

Do I need to memorise my script?

No you don’t although being very familiar with it really helps. The more you know the script the more effort you will be able to put into the delivery resulting in a better video. If you do know it very well you will find that the teleprompter lives up to its name and prompts you (helping with both timing and word accuracy) rather than being a lifeline for your script delivery.

Can I wear glasses when presenting to camera?

Yes you can, contacts are also fine and might look better as they won’t reflect the light like glass does. Some glasses have anti-reflection coating, if you have this option then these will perform best under studio lights. You will need to read text that is about 2cm high from approx. 3m away if this helps you decide. If in doubt bring them anyway and decide on the day. All glasses will reflect slightly, however we can usually make lighting adjustments to minimise this.

Can I wear striped or checked clothing?

We advise against stripes or checks as when the video is reduced in size on YouTube you can see a moving pattern called ‘moire’, this can be distracting for the viewer and may degrade the viewing experience. Large or very faint stripes are not usually a problem. If you want to test this then please bring a spare safe alternative just in case.

Will my bald head look shiny?

Maybe. We can adjust lighting to assist with shiny skin reflections but it is not always possible to remove it altogether. One option is to apply a light base layer of foundation to minimise this effect. We do not provide makeup services so if this is required please bring your own products. A mirror is available in the studio as well as the option to shoot a test still for viewing on a 40″screen.

Is there anywhere I can change?

We don’t have a dedicated changing room but are very happy to let you use the studio to prepare and change as required.

Do I need makeup?

We recommend that you don’t do anything different to your normal routine. Studio light levels are very comfortable and use cool daylight LED rather than the hot orange bright lights used in the past. If you want to apply makeup in the studio you will need to bring your own products as we do not supply this for studio shoots. A mirror is provided and we can shoot a test still for you to check on a 40″ monitor.

Can I bring props with me to use on camera?

Within reason you can although it must be relevant to your videos content and not promotional in any way. The presentation is made sitting on our green In a Nutshell chair so any props will need to be small enough that they can easily picked up and put down without moving out of the chair. It’s tricky to generalise so please ask us to get a more accurate answer.

I am nervous, will you coach me?

Of course we will! Its natural to worry a little bit about presenting to camera and this can often be a good thing as the extra attention to detail helps with your presentation. We are very used to helping people who have not done this before and have a good track record getting great results. The experience can be very rewarding and a good confidence booster.

Will you help me look and sound good?

Its our job to make sure you are happy with the way you appear on camera. We will assist you with all aspects of the the process and try our very best make sure you are happy with the final result. The help we give varies depending on the situation and what we are asked for or what we think needs assistance. We will pay special attention to the way that you look, the way that you sound and the message you are communicating.