Our story

Marketing has changed. Visionaries such as Grant Leboff and Seth Godin have been telling us all for years to stop promoting ourselves using a megaphone and instead to listen to what people need and then to help them find it. In a world where most transactions start with a Google search, the customer has more control than ever before.

For many businesses this hurts as their traditional marketing methods become less and less effective. Other businesses relish the opportunity to engage with the viewer and to build a relationship before they are ready to buy. Video is a perfect engagement medium as it allows the viewer to connect with your business and obtain value from your branded information.

channel-thumbnailAt Bitpod we truly believe in content marketing, so much so that in September 2013 we started a dedicated UK YouTube channel called ‘In a Nutshell‘ to combat the ever expanded stream of American videos.  The channel contains a growing series of B2B information videos covering a variety of business topics. Three years later the channel is still going strong with 80,000 video plays and new videos being added every week.

In the early days convincing business professionals to share their expertise to camera was indeed a challenge. We knew that people were happy to present at seminars and to perform talks at business events so what was so different about creating videos? As it turned out not that much! Although the process of writing a script and reading it from a teleprompter is new to most, we were delighted to discover that with a little bit of help almost everyone was extremely capable.

Building the Bitpod video studio created the perfect environment for people record their videos easily and professionally without distraction. Our friendly, ready to go environment made it both time and cost efficient as well as fun to be involved in.


Fast forward three years and we now have nearly 100 videos and a growing selection of success stories to match. In a Nutshell has become its own success story too with global views and impressive statistics. We always believed that everyone has expertise worth sharing and we are looking forward to working with more experts in the future.