Our network

One of the huge advantages of adding a video to our existing series is the distribution network that is already in place. A combination of YouTube subscriptions, Google search engine positions, our LinkedIn group, Twitter, Facebook and other online content providers allow new videos to be exposed to an existing audience of over 15,000 UK viewers.

network_ytYouTube is where each video lives but it is so much more than just video hosting. YouTube is a search engine in its own right (number two in the world) and as a site it is the third most visited globally. YouTube has its own community where members specifically look for videos via its search facililty as well as through channel subscriptions.

network_googleGoogle owns YouTube and tends to look favourably on videos that are part of successful channels. This means that video results can be displayed within Google searches even if video has not been requested. This is incredibly powerful and can result in additional exposure on both desktop and mobile searches.

network_linkedinLinkedIn provides the perfect platform for business related knowledgeshare with a one click playback facility for videos. In a Nutshell has its own growing LinkedIn group and is also a valued contributor to some large business focussed regional groups.

network_fb-tTwitter and Facebook provide instant notification for social media users who want to be kept up to date with the latest videos in the series. Twitter can be especially powerful as experts are mentioned and retweeted by others into the wider network.

network_exeter-dailyExeter Daily is an online news and content platform with a thriving business section. The In a Nutshell videos are regularly featured on the website and often occupy the the video of the day slot on the homepage.

Our distribution network is constantly growing and improving as new alliances are forged. We are also incredibly proud of our offline reputation via word of mouth which still surprises and delights us in our business community

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