Frequently asked questions

How long does it take?
A studio session lasts up to 2 hours although often people can be finished well before this once they are familiar with the routine. We don’t rush you and allow plenty of time for a sit down, a practice and to get the shot set-up properly. If you are in a hurry or simply prefer to keep your energy levels up we can move faster and start filming straight away.

Can my script be about my business?
Information videos need to have real value to attract viewers and ensure continued success. As the primary purpose is to establish yourself as a helpful expert, it is not wise to use this opportunity to tell people who you are and what you offer – it is simply not relevant at this stage.  Don’t worry the viewer will easily be able to find out should they be especially keen to know more.  The In a Nutshell video series is dedicated to expert advice and information so if you really want to make something promotional then it is unlikely to be included in this series.

Why is there a limit on script length?
The 300 word script limit is designed to keep the overall video around two minutes. This is because viewers generally have a short attention span, especially for a ‘talking head’ video. Another important reason is that this type of video is recorded as a single shot without edits or joins. Trying to record a longer script is likely to make it more tricky to perform and increase the chances of mistakes. The shorter your video the more chance of the viewer watching it to the very end.

How long does it take until the video is ready?
Most videos will be completed and online within a 5-7 days, sometimes sooner. Occasionally post production can be delayed by larger projects. Please let us know if you have a particular deadline and we will do our best to assist.

Can I ad-lib my video instead of scripting it?
Although this seems like a great idea for creating a more natural flowing video, the reality is that ad-libbed videos take longer to record, end up longer in length and often are imperfect in detail. This is because it is almost impossible to achieve the level of timing control and word accuracy as scripting allows. Our experience of ad-libbed videos has proved that this is only an option for a select few. To get the feel of a natural video you need an excellent script that is practised and amended to suit your presentation style. If you really want the ad-lib feel then consider recording your own ad-lib session on your phone and then creating a script from this noting all the elements that make it feel natural.

Do I get a copy of the video?
All In a Nutshell Professional videos are uploaded to the dedicated YouTube channel and shared through our distribution network. We also provide a copy of the video for you to use on your website. As the In a Nutshell Youtube channel has achieved a good level of popularity, we recommend not uploading your copy to YouTube too. The reasons for this is YouTube does not like duplicates and is likely to attempt to decide on which is the original and ignore the subsequent copies. Instead we recommend you use a paid video hosting service such as Vimeo Pro, Wistia or Brightcove or simply embed the video from the In a Nutshell channel and keep the copy for use offline.

How do I add my In a Nutshell video to my website?
All the videos in the In a Nutshell YouTube channel allow remote embedding. This means with some very simple code you can add the video to your website and allow it to play on the page. If you have a CMS such as WordPress this is very easy and can be achieved with our help guide.  Or you can achieve this via HTML editing or by asking your web developer. Make sure you disable ‘related videos’ or you could find other peoples videos playing after yours has finished!

Can I show photos, diagrams or other graphics in my presentation?
Our entry level In a Nutshell videos are ‘clean’ and don’t include any additional visual items. You can however upgrade to include picture in picture visuals (inset to screen right) if you want to add more to your presentation. Visuals must be owned or licensed to you for this purpose and be relevant to your talk without being promotional. Up to ten items can be included in each video.

Can I ask you to delete my video in the future?
Yes this is possible. We would need your request in writing and we would need to explain that this is not reversible. All links to the video would break and any likes comments and views would be lost. An alternative option might be to make the video unlisted, this means it is still available to someone with a direct link but not easily findable in any other situation. This option allows the video to be made public again at a later date if required.

What happens after the filming has taken place?
The post production team will start editing and preparing your video for use online. Once complete the video will be uploaded to YouTube and a copy supplied to you via digital download. When your video is live the link will be shared via our distribution network and scheduled for future social media posting.

Can I have music on my video?
The series has music as part of its introduction sequence but not during the main presentation. For consistency reasons we are not planning to change this format and  therefore will not be able to add music as a background.