Choosing a topic

choose_your_topic-05Choosing a topic for your video is not always an easy decision to make. This is something we discuss a lot with our experts as we know it is important to get it right. A good topic will encourage more views and result in continued engagement.

Deciding on the balance between overview and niche is also a common consideration. This does depend on both the viewpoint of the information and the current level of knowledge on the subject. For example a topic of ‘marketing’ is clearly far too broad whilst a topic of ‘telemarketing for dental start-ups’ is rather limiting.

The following suggestions might help with shortlisting your topic choice:

  • Frequently asked questions especially ones that are sales barriers
  • Points that you often need to explain to new customers
  • Updates, news or topical information about your industry
  • Concepts that are useful for a customer to understand
  • Inspirational viewpoints that you champion

If you are still unsure having read the list above sometimes it is worth thinking about how useful a video could be when you are speaking to your prospects. It could be that you (or your team) are answering questions and providing information automatically and have got so used to it that you don’t necessarily identify the opportunities. Try asking a new customer what they really needed to know during their research stage.

Another resource is of course Google and in this case YouTube. You can use autocomplete (suggestions Google/YouTube make when you start typing into the search box) to see what is popular and relevant. The trick here is to start your search with a popular format such as ‘how do I…’ or ‘guide to…’ etc. There are tools such as that make keyword searching easier but might not be perfect for your industry.

Testing your title is a smart move as you ideally want to know what else is being returned when you search. If you get very little then you may be a little too niche or have a title that is missing vital keywords, conversely millions of results could mean that you are going to be drowned out with more established resources. YouTube tends to be far less crowded and this is great news for video marketers as there is less competition and more chance of being found.

The length of your title should be no longer than ten words. Avoid ambiguous or ‘clever’ titles as most likely you will not be found without the essential keywords. The most popular videos tend to use natural questions or descriptors and leave little doubt as to their content.

Frequently asked questions about choosing a topic

Can I repeat a previous topic?

Assuming you are not covering exactly the same ground then yes. There is always a different angle or other details that can be shared and this could entice viewers to watch both videos. As each video is approximately two minutes there will be a limit to what can be covered anyway. We recommend that you avoid overviews of large topics (as there is usually little value in this approach) which means there are likely to be plenty of opportunities to share your expertise without overlapping on previous content.